Jay Snaric

Entrepreneur, Teacher, Biologist


Jay Snaric

Jay Snaric

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Jay Snaric and Kimberly Snaric

Snaric lives with his wife Kimberly in Florida.

The family dog, JerseyGirl, loves the beach.


Jay Snaric is a successful entrepreneur. He is also a teacher, biologist and creator/writer. His extensive academic past includes a graduate degree in biology from the prestigious graduate school at New York University, as well as graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree from a Pennsylvania state university, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. He taught 20 years as a physiology professor before becoming a full-time entrepreneur. 

Although he was a tenured professor, he was driven to entrepreneurship. He had a feverish desire to build a successful business - and he did! In 2015 he was able to quit his job and move to Florida, due to the fact that he built successful companies in 6 major US cities.

Even though he left a formal academic setting, Snaric still has a strong passion for teaching. So he decided to share the system he used to be a successful business owner.

The system he used ironically is quite "anti-academic". It's more of a street smart, hands-on, "real life" approach than it is something that you would learn as a business major in the world of academia.

He aptly named his system the "Anti-Business Plan Evolution" or APE. He now teaches his system to others who are looking to build a successful business.

At 12 years old, Snaric worked "off the books" for his best friend's uncle who owned a janitorial company. Although he made less than minimum wage cleaning toilets and mopping floors, he loved working and earning money. Even at a young age, he had an industrious nature, as well as a strong penchant for entrepreneurism.

As early as junior high school he would buy large bags of Jolly Rancher candy and sell individual pieces to classmates for a profit.  In high school, he and a friend started a cleaning business in which they advertised by hanging hand-written flyers in the local supermarkets.

Although it wouldn't be until much later in life that he became a successful entrepreneur, the seeds were evident early. 

After high school, Snaric put the dream of entrepreneurship on hold in order to attend college. Because he had poor grades and low SAT scores out of high school, he had to attend a 2 year community college. Unexpectedly, he excelled in the college environment and spent the following years studying subject matter that included physiology, molecular biology and microbiology. 

Through tutoring, in order to help support himself through college, he discovered that he loved teaching. At just 22 years old, even before completion of his graduate degree, he found himself teaching his first college course. And the rest was history. He went on to become a tenured professor in St. Louis teaching physiology, anatomy and microbiology to future nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

It wasn't until after six years of teaching that he regained the "itch of entrepreneurism". He started a real estate business where he bought and sold investment properties. He wrote a weight loss plan known as "The 9th Law". And then he and his future wife, Kimberly, created a software program for children teaching them how to eat healthy. Much of this work can still be found on the internet in the form of TV and radio appearances, lectures, websites, and articles.  

It wasn't until he and his wife started their business that certifies healthcare providers in CPR and advanced life support courses that his big success came. It's during this business venture when he created and used the APE business method that he now teaches to other entrepreneurs.

Because Snaric never studied business in college, he had to search for and seek out materials from which to learn. He found what he was looking for in greats such as Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, and Frank Kern. 

Snaric's greatest motivation comes from the teachers and standardized tests that told him he will not succeed in college. A guidance counselor once told him that he was best suited to be a bus driver, and nothing more.

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