What is Direct Hit Acquisition™?

Direct Hit Acquisition
Direct Hit Acquisition – “How To Get Paying Customers!”

Direct Hit Acquisition™ (DHA) is a method made up of tried-and-true strategies and tactics arranged in a simple and understandable way so you can get paying customers.

The components that comprise DHA have been around since the beginning of time because they are based on human behaviors that probably haven’t changed much since the evolution of our species.

So the individual components are nothing new, the novel element of DHA lies in how these strategies and tactics are arranged so they can be easily understood and applied to your specific business.


Summary: Direct Hit Acquisition™

      • Attract “paying customers” with little resistance.
      • No need to have a marketing background.
      • Easy to understand & simple to apply to your business.
      • Customers will love you because you are helping them which will result in repeat business & referrals.
      • Positions your product/service so you can charge more.


Bottom Line is that you need ”Paying Customers”.

You always hear that “Sales drive a company”. And that’s true, but really “Sales” is just another word for “Paying customers.”

So let’s get right to it and say “Paying Customers Drive a Company”. Even if some of the other things in your business aren’t quite right, having Paying Customers, which means money coming in, gives you a little leeway until you can get that other stuff fixed.

Let’s focus on how to get paying customers through the Direct Hit Acquisition™ method.

There are 3 components to DHA. Each of these components has one specific job to do. And when they’re combined and precisely aimed onto the bullseye of acquiring customers, a direct hit is unleashed like never seen before. Hence the name Direct Hit Acquisition™.


The 3 components of DHA.

#1. Etching Your Customer –This is what determines exactly “who your customer is” and “what they want or want to get rid of”. We call this our “etched customer”.

#2. Message and Offer – So, once you know “what they want” or “want to get rid of”, then you will simply match your message and offer to this.

Then once you have your “etched customer” and a perfectly matching “message and offer”, you simply find the best way to get it in front of them so they can see it.

#3. Delivery – The best way to get them to see your Message and Offer.

When you have combined these three, you will have a “Direct Hit” and therefore you will be able to acquire your paying customer with very little resistance because you are giving them exactly what they want. You are helping them, and they will love you for it!


Etching Your Customer